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For Apocalyptic Times: Oceanvs Orientalis’ EP “Gran Tribulacion”

Considering the current apocalyptic feel of the times, Oceanvs Orientalis’ EP “Gran Tribulacion” takes its name from the end of the world representation in Christian eschatology. Much like a slow-cooked stew, the EP consists of two duets, “Forlorn Hope” and “Gran Tribulacion”, formed by the many ideas, samples and loops Oceanvs Orientalis has been collecting and processing in the last 5 years, along with a new-comer Beachwalk and a cover of the timeless Andalusian folk song from 12th century “Lamma Bada Yatathanna”. “Gran Tribulacion” is an EP that you’ll enjoy listening to for many years to come.

released October 1, 2020 Artist: Oceanvs Orientalis Featuring artists: Qiyans Krets, Cengiz Can Artworks: Oceanvs Orientalis Mastering: Cagan Tunali

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