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Kantocast 002 - Jonny Rock - Boogie On Bed

Jonny Rock a familiar face on the London house and disco scenes is recognized by many for working behind the counter at Phonica Records & Blackmarket Records during the 00’s and as the dude for playing the guitar in ‘Freaks’ project. Rock skillfully joins the dots between the old school house, underground disco and boogie vibes in a party setting.

The mighty Jonny Rock joined us for our second podcast and replied our questions for curious music heads!

Kanto: You are known for your carefully selected mix tapes, how do you pick them?

Rock: I feel the outlet is as important as the content, as you get a chance to bridge your music / message to the right audience. Once the destination is established then the selection starts bubbling. It generally has to have a little time with me. I play around with a bunch of records, some work some don't. And i try to jam them as tight as I possibly can for ideal listening pleasure in leisure. Having said all this, it doesn't always work out like that :)

Kanto: Do you think music interconnects with culture? How does the environment you live in affects your music?

Rock: To me it definitely does. Via playing an early dance record from different parts of the world, i sometimes imagine what access they had to different instruments and recording techniques at the time the environment I live is super important and is the 'safe place' for my music and mind space.

Kanto: What’s the process you follow when bringing tunes together? Is it instinctive only or do you plan ahead?

Rock: Generally very instinctive. I like to think i have an essence of a vibe, melody that inspires to me (in my head and hard to describe) and different sorts of music whether its breakey or straight up 4x4, the way i like to fuse them together regardless of their structure but keeping the flow with the mood. Planning ahead only in the vibe of the party rather than records in order. And if its one of those nights that I am 'on' no preparation will be able to stay content. the river must flow and water will find its way.

Kanto: What pushed you towards DJing? Where did the inspiration came from?

Rock: It definitely was London. He/She made me do it. People playing music other than live performance as a art form, to be able to create a story, emotion on a dance floor, entertain and put smiles to dancers with beautiful light shining around, reflected from a disco ball or even putting peeps to sleep in a beach (super important) ... I guess that literally sucked me right in to the vortex of it all. and i was lucky enough to be around people that inspired me to find my own way of doing it.

Kanto: Do you get inspired by any other form of arts?

Rock: Sure. But couldn't classify ... It just needs to make me feel in a certain way whenever it comes along... what ever the form

Kanto: You seem to have a wide range of sources. Is there any particular era or bands that influence you more?

Rock: Probably no era as a dominant force. definitely go through phases though.

Kanto: What makes a set a good set?

Rock: Possibly for me the flow, choice and presentation of the music you play. We live in a time that everyone can have access to good / great / incredibly rare / unreleased music. But i see only a few out there, that make those records their own, even for few minutes... The way they played it.. When they played it.. Where they played it ... All interlinked and some way cosmic.

Interview by, Emin Kahveci


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