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Kantocast 005 - The Ivory Boy - It's Always About That Funky Sensation

The Ivory Boy is the pseudonym behind which Italian born DJ and producer Luca Spinogatti operates. Now based in the welcoming city of Berlin, Germany, he regularly performs in the city’s many clubs and venues. Besides his solo project, he performs live with Mop Mop Soundsystem.

The Ivory Boy joined us for our fifth podcast and here are some questions he replied for us.

Kanto: What pushed you towards DJing? Where did the inspiration come from?

Luca: The most common scenario. My father's record collection and me trying to scratch with a belt drive turntable... Music has been always present in my childhood. My father and my uncle used to have large record collections.

Kanto: Do you think music interconnects with culture? How does the environment you live in affect your music?

Luca: Absolutely. Music is always an exchange between at least two elements. Author and audience for sure but also the composer and the elements around her/him. So the inputs from cultural and social moment are strong to me.

Kanto: What’s the process you follow when bringing tunes together? Is it instinctive only or do you plan ahead?

Luca: I always listen to music and collect records. I am a vinyl DJ. (I respect every form of DJing. Music is the message, not the technique or the wax fetish.) that means you have to prepare your record bag and you can bring a certain amount of records. So you can't just pick random tunes. Actually, the moment when I prepare the record bag is holy. It's a beautiful sensation: adding the new tunes as picking an old jam. And yeah I am addicted to 7 inches.

Kanto: Do you get inspired by any other form of arts?

Luca: I get inspired by the beauty and it can be everything. It's just a way to see things deeper. Beauty is everywhere.

Kanto: What makes a set a good set?

Luca: The music! Selection over technique. Always.

Kanto: You seem to have a wide range of sources. Is there any particular era or bands that influence you more?

Luca: I think James Brown, George Clinton, and Rick James among others.

Kanto: What would you like to say about your podcast?

Luca: Listen to and make love with it.


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