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Kantocast 009 - Stars Like Dust - Turkish Science Fiction

Stars Like Dust, formed in 2017 and the pseudonym of producer Mustafa Yüksel, creates a sound that combines the guitar of 80’s new wave, electric instruments of synth-wave and progressive structure of neo-psychedelia with influences from science fiction and horror movie soundtracks.

He joined us for our 9th editioon of Kantocast with this stellar selection of Turkish Sci-fi. Here is the interview:

What pushed you towards DJing and producing music? Where did the inspiration come from?

Everything I do in my life is kind of an adventure for me where I can use my inspirations to create something different. I inspire from everything that has some form of imagination in it and synthesizers and electronic music, in general, help me to expand my creative possibilities as a sonic adventurer.

Do you think music interconnects with culture? How does the environment you live in affect your music?

Of course, it is directly related but usually in a daily manner. In a wider perspective, music connects people in a spiritual and cosmic way. At least that's what I want to believe.

Do you get inspired by any other form of arts?

Movies and literature are my main source of inspirations, sometimes more than music. Even my name "Stars Like Dust" is borrowed from Isaac Asimov book. Things that evoke emotions and imagination can always present themselves as a source of inspiration.

What makes a set a good set?

Well, I think it has to transform you in a way but the way it transforms depends on the listener. When I produce this Turkish Science Fiction set, my main aim was to create the landscape that listener feels him/herself in somewhere or some time else.

You seem to have a wide range of sources. Is there any particular era or bands that influence you more?

I stuck in different musical eras or genres time to time but when I started to compose stuff for SLD my main musical source was 70s and 80s French and Turkish music. They might seem unrelated at first but the music was more uniform in a technical way yet culturally diverse in a creative way in that era. But science fiction movies and books were always been my sources for ideas or feelings too.

What’s the process you follow when bringing tunes together? Is it instinctive only or do you plan ahead?

I don't do or follow plans when making music. I usually hear the melodies in my head first then start to compose and bring more ideas to the table. But after the main composition finish, the planning starts. I listen to the songs I did repeatedly for a while (for days) and take notes and make changes and listen again and take notes etc.

What would you like to say about your podcast?

Well enjoy it! Also please dream when listening!



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