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Kantocast 010 - Mushrooms Project - Friday Things

Mushrooms Project are Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano who joined up through a love of DJing and a passion for all forms of music.

Before they met in 2003 they were already vinyl junkies & amateurs Djs inspired by the Idjut Boys and the Matteo & Mattos, but DJing as a profession wasn’t fully realised just yet.

After making their debut in their home country of Italy they have gone on to play at various parties around Formentera, Ibiza and UK. In the middle of the Mediterranean their Balearic approach to music fitted in perfectly with their surroundings. Today Mushrooms Project are the kings of the Slo Tempo and they do deep druggy chunky mid tempo, sometimes more balearic, sometimes just more freaky.

Their name says it all: their music is hallucinating but all encompassing and are made of analog instruments such as guitar, bass, synth and percussive sounds to create a “dirty” but unique background in the very long, deep, mesmerising and unusual minds of the Mushrooms.

Mushrooms Project joined us for our Kantocast series with this nice interview:

What pushed you towards DJing and producing music? Where did the inspiration come from?

We we met in 2002 we were came from two different backgrounds and experiences, punk rock and afro music, we started to playing together and it was a nice clash so we decided in 2008 to start producing music . Our roots are definitely funk with electronic contamination. Do you think music interconnects with culture? How does the environment you live in affect your music?

Musical culture is certainly a fundamental source of inspiration to create something new and unexpected, we have always tried not to follow trends, for example when 130 bpm was on trend we were producing at 100 bpm and vice versa when the trend was reversed we had already accelerated the bit. Do you get inspired by any other form of arts?

We try to translate and create moods and feeling in which we want to accompany people by listening our music. And of course we suggest a good course of cutting and sewing!

What makes a set a good set?

A good set must be at least 4 hours long and for us it must be an experience, like a tasting that must be lived from the beginning to the end. It is very important to have 3 or 4 turntables and it is more fun because on each of them you can have different sounds and tunes to create a new one, unique and different from the sources.

You seem to have a wide range of sources. Is there any particular era or bands that influence you more?

Afro psychedelic from the 70s and techno from the 90s. What’s the process you follow when bringing tunes together? Is it instinctive only

or do you plan ahead?

Pure instinct for sure!

What would you like to say about your podcast?

Enjoy your trip!


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