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Kantocast 012 - Lego Edit - Stanza Della Musica

Lego Edit (Diego Lelli) joined us for our Kantocast series with a great selection of music and an interview.

Djing and producing music from his home in Bologna since 1985, not much is known about this mysterious producer other than he is known for his funky vibrant creations, usually centering around breakbeat-ready musical themes coupled with futuristic funk sampling and soulful blends.

* What pushed you towards DJing and producing music? Where did the inspiration come from?

The passion for music and djing came at age 13, from listening to some private radio stations in my city, I fell in love with the continuous musical without interruptions, after which the next step was to want to produce music, also because today is simpler thanks to technology.

My inspiration comes from listening to lots of music of various kinds, I try to reproduce what makes me feel alive.

* Do you think music interconnects with culture? How does the environment you live in affect your music?

Music is certainly interconnected with our culture, often guiding us in our daily choices (even just to buy a perfume)

Inevitably, friendships are created that share your musical and cultural tastes, the more people you know and the more chance you have of learning about new forms of music, every day I learn to learn new music.

* Do you get inspired by any other form of arts?

Normally I am not inspired by other art forms, I like to look at them, feel them, see them, then surely unintentionally I happened to be inspired by them.

* What makes a set a good set?

A good set for me comes from the serenity of one's emotions when you can express yourself without being judged, at that moment you have created a good set.

* You seem to have a wide range of sources. Is there any particular era or bands that influence you more?

I am very attached to Funk, Soul, Disco, Afro so all the artists who express themselves with these sounds influenced me, only some of these are Roy Ayers, Fela Kuti, James Brown, etc ...

* What’s the process you follow when bringing tunes together? Is it instinctive only or do you plan ahead?

When I put the songs together, it's generally random, but then I realize that the more you know the music, the easier it is to select to give the right push to the audience.

* What would you like to say about your podcast?

My podcast was born from the fact that I was asked to express myself freely, I put together the music I wanted to listen to at the time.


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