Ali Kuru

Izmir / TR

Few artists can claim to have their own distinctive “musical voice”: a style of composition and production that listeners instantly recognize. For starters, it takes years of experimentation to perfect, and most people simply don’t have the patience, talent or skills to pull it off.

Ali Kuru has spent the best part of a decade honing his trademark style – a fragrant, intoxicating aural brew that combines a myriad of influences with sultry, exotic overtones, mind-altering Middle Eastern instrumentation in slow, textured deep beats.

Despite the relentless growth in popularity throughout the years and many performances at acclaimed clubs all over Europe, Ali favors living in nature on the shores of the Aegean Sea over the busy and noisy city life. Is it maybe this simplicity and clearness permitting the artist to listen to his feelings and emotions, and to unleash them through an admirable richness of sounds? We don’t know, but we know Ali’s rhapsodic talent be transported by his enchanting sound.

Ali Kuru

"Kanto Records is an art collective that does not believe in existing moulds. It is interested in the evolution of music (obviously!), getting involved with, and adding new “things” into."

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