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Music For Generations

Music and rhythm can be life-changing for children and young adults who have experienced trauma and are struggling with anxiety. 


Music for Generations (Nesiller için Müzik) is a compilation album series focusing on bringing hope, healing, and resilience to children and young adults impacted by the recent earthquakes of February 2023. 


As Kanto Records, we have partnered with two Turkish NGOs — MAYA VAKFI (Foundation) Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Children and Tüvana Education Foundation for Children (TOÇEV) — to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by the earthquakes. 


Proceeds from the album sales will be donated to support ongoing art and music therapy efforts in the earthquake-affected area and establish permanent music libraries delivering art and music therapy workshops.


We are honored to feature incredible artists worldwide who generously donated their songs' publication rights to support this cause. We welcome all volunteers to support our mission. 

Every penny of your donation will directly support our project. We will be transparent in our actions and inform you of all developments through our website and social media channels.

We are ready to do our best to help heal the wounds of this devastating disaster, the effects of which will perhaps last for decades, and to help build the future with hope while sharing the healing power of our profession, which is our life motivation and passion.

MFG Vol. 1
Release Date: April 06, 2023
Release Date: May 05, 2023
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29 Track Digital Album

1. Acid Pauli & Eliyo - Ali singt 
2. Anthony Middleton - A Ballad of Lost Things (The Darker The Night Mix)
3. Avangart Tabldot - Peace Out
4. Be Svendsen - Beat Root
5. Charbel Haber & Sary Moussa - An Atom Of Your Love
6. Chris Schwarzwälder - Rajo
7. Çağan Tunalı- Never Ending Dream
8. Eve Biōn - A Path
9. Feathered Sun - Debris
10. Geju - ooo eee aaa
11. Ikaru - High Hopes
12. İlhan Erşahin & Dave Harrington & Kenny Wollesen - Too Late To Turn
13. Mercan Dede - Kónra
14. Netam & Can Ömer Uygan - Cave I - Live
15. Nu - Dramago
16. NUM feat. Sunru - Music Medicine
17. Oceanvs Orientalis & Brose - Sakura
18. Parallelle - Restring
19. Que Sakamoto + NT - Otoshiana
20. Rami Deejay feat. Keely Timlin - Fill Up My Cup
21. Rampue - Trägheit Motivlos
22. Shimon & PKM - ileaout 
23. Yalnayak -
Mars'ta Değilim - talking rocks remix
24. Tooker feat. Erodisma - Lacuna
25. Unders - Anassa
26. Deniz Tekin - Aramayı Bırakınca - Vecdaud's Siddhartha Mix
27. Viken Arman - Sireli (Modular Reshape)
28. Walashi - War and Peace
29. Xique-xique + VRuno - Moda'da Gece

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