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Kanto Records is proud to present Emin Gök's EP "Continuity" that includes remixes from Kanto Records' founder Oceanvs Orientalis, downtempo's rising star Netam and a very special guest from South Korea, Venthaus. Featuring mesmerizing vocals from the Dutch electronica duo Eve Bion, “Continuity” is an exciting journey inspired by Bataillean philosophy, blending Etho jazz elements with an organic approach to beats and masterful weaving of synthesizers.

Artists: Emin Gök, Oceanvs Orientalis, Netam, Eve Bion, Venthaus

Mastering: Cagan Tunali, Iorie

Cover art: Cem Altinoz, Silvana Soriano, Alptug Cavus

Referring to a fable imagined by Buket Zor, Vivid Green explores the color green through the eye of a bird who lost its wings and goes into the dark heart of the forest to get healed. A fresh take on the rejuvenating power of nature, Eve Bion skillfully samples organic instruments, blends them with synthesizers and angelic vocals to create a trancelike soundscape that resonates with the pastoral yet magical plot.

Artist: Eve Bion

Artwork & Video: Mercan Bas

Camera: Ilgar Gokhan

Video editor: Alptug Cavus

Mastering: Cagan Tunali

Label: Kanto Records

Listen now:

Kanto Records is proud to present “Lady V” - the second single from Emin Gok’s upcoming EP, a collaboration between him and Dutch trip hop duo Eve Bion, telling the story of transcendence of nature and ever changing seasons, using pastoral soundscapes, ceremonial gibberish chanting, fused with African percussions and synths.

Artists: Emin Gök, Eve Bion

Mastering: Cagan Tunali

Creative director/spotify canvas: Cem Altinoz

Artwork: Silvana Soriano

Label: Kanto Records

Listen now: