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Influenced by Dante’s Inferno, Belacqua EP by Orçun Barni and Kamer Kaya revolves around the concept of limbo while musically challenging the boundaries of geography, religion and ethnicity. You may encounter Gregorian hymns, Sufi elements of Anatolia, syncretic wisdoms of Asiatic and European cultures blended with gritty guitar and keyboard riffs, a hybrid approach to electronica with multi-cultural elements.

Emin Gok’s remix of Mai and Yasmeen Olya’s Jouska, is a progressively organic composition that is tribal and futuristic, improvisational and immaculate. It’s limping beats and percussions combined with a mesmerizing synthscape takes the audience to an extraordinary sound journey.

Produced by Eliyo and Netam, Xifse is a sound journey that goes beyond the boundaries of time, place and words, weaved with recordings of traditional, organic instruments such as baglama and dede saz played by Rusan Filiztek, vocals in Kurdish and arrangement by Eliyo and analog synths and production by Netam. Inspired by Baghdad and Erivan radio, this track brings different cultures, times and places closer.

Stolen Season is the second single out from the incoming album “Destination Experience”, the second full lenght album by Thomas Costantin. An indie dance/electropop song talking about the "season" of the life spent in covid times. The artist talks about this season with irony, rhymes and funny puns, describing this critical moment, which is finally passed by, as a stolen season, taking about the fact we cannot change the past or go back in time. Better to live the present...and dance!

Produced by Orçun Barni and Kamer Kaya, "Veysel forewarns who the scarmiglione is" brought together the sensuality of 'Dante's Divine Comedy' with Aşık Veysel's interview in 1969 and combined it with House elements. The song, of which the melancholy of the hypnotic bassline is decorated with synths, is accompanied by simple yet striking guitar melodies.

Inspired by early electronica, hip-hop and reaggaton, French producer Goodil describes his EP “Uno” as a place that hosts all his sadness, melancholy, love and joy. This jazzy, lo-fi scented EP is a breath of fresh air exploring and integrating different sound textures with organic vocals and beats.

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