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Stars Like Dust is telling a wholesome story about the cycle of cosmos with his signature cinematic sound, blended with 2-step and drum & bass elements, combining emotive synths with long guitar echoes.

Hinting his upcoming album “Destination Experience”, Italian queer producer Thomas Costantin’s “Melted Music” blends hypnotic vocal mantras with lead synths and tribal percussions, in the style of a downtempo dance track. Taking inspiration from his travels & psychedelic research, the artist aims to explore his connection to basic instincts and find the confidence within from this source in a fast-paced urban setting.

Sirkupu, meaning The Cube of Secrets in Turkish is the personal journey of Ikaru co-founder Vecdaud. Using sound collections from different parts of the world, from Budist temples in Japan to mesk circles in Anatolia, the artist uses drum and synth programming along with self-made field recordings, trying to make sense of the world and the pandemic period while diving into the depth and layers of the mind.

Istanbul-born, Berlin-based producer Mai’s single Jouska blends his field recordings from the gritty streets of Berlin, elements of Turkish folk music, organic percussions, groovy basslines and synth/keys improvisations. Mai meditates on the theme “the Inner Murmur’ and Jouska is completed by the hauntingly beautiful voice of Yasmeen Olya.

Jouska is an old English word for hypothetical conversations that we compulsively play out in our heads, the dialogue between two conflicting voices in our minds. The word reflects a psychological battleground where we confront our most brutal ideas. Yet this is also a point where we can deeply connect with ourselves. The conflict is what wakens the harmony and beauty.

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