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A sincere apology to earth: Netam & Damla Temel’s “Toprak”

Netam’s upcoming album Yabani’s first single “Toprak” is a story whispered by the wind of Mediterranean’s Taurus Mountains, about the destroyed forests, concrete filled seas, skyscrapers rising on the green hills and the ravaged earth. Inspired by Netam and Damla Temel’s childhood memories of playing with earth and playing ukulele in their native Adana, “Toprak” is a genuine apology to earth. Sounds recorded manually and weaved like lacework by Netam is complemented with Damla Temel’s sincere storytelling and vocals. Following Netam’s first EP “Consensus” from Kanto Records, “Toprak” is the first hint of an extraordinary album coming soon.

Listen here:

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