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Ancient tale of Adonis retold by Oceanvs Orientalis & Sylvia Rebecca

Oceanvs Orientalis’s slow-burning groove meets Sylvia Rebecca’s ethereal spoken word style vocals, recounting the mythological tale of Adonis with a modern twist. The poem was converted from one of the first texts ever written about Adonis. Recorded live in the ancient Lycian towns of Turkey, Barbaros Uzbay plays melodious guitar riffs alongside Ahmet Baran Eskili, who embellishes the tale with the melancholy notes from his magical Kanun.

Aphrodite’s favorite mortal lover Adonis represents beauty, desire, death and resurrection in Greek mythology. Aphrodite has a foreboding dream about Adonis getting murdered by a wild boar on one of his hunting trips. She tries to prevent the inevitable by warning him, but he pays her no heed, and is killed by a wild boar. When Adonis dies in Aphrodite’s arms, her tears mix with his blood, and Adonis is transformed into an anemone flower.

Combined with Sylvia Rebecca’s theatrical and trippy storytelling of this tale, Oceanvs Orientalis’s production celebrates Turkish psychedelia while masterfully bringing ancient sounds to the dance floor.

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