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Beautiful Forms Recreated EP: Kanto family & friends recreate Eve Bion's iconic album

Eve Bion’s first LP “Observing the Beautiful Forms” is interpreted by the favorite producers of Kanto family and friends of Kanto! Genre-defying, rule-breaking 4 creative remixes and remakes meet in Beautiful Forms Recreated EP to brighten up the end of 2021. One of Kanto’s most promising producers Emin Gök’s “Come to Me” revisit, proving his sound and productivity with numberless remixes and original music, Netam’s “Follow” remix, Turkish live electronic scene’s exciting band Ikaru’s “Gece” remix, Stefan Addo’s “Wingman” remix that quickens the heartbeats, bring a fresh take on Eve Biōn’s iconic songs. If you haven’t met Holland based duo of Buket Zor and Daniel Sillem yet, it’s time!

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