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Kanto's 2020 Survival Guide for Time Travelers

Kanto survived 2020! We’ve learnt much and we want to share our survival tips for misguided time travellers who end up in 2020 during their journey. Wear your mask, keep your social distance and mind your hygine. And in isolation, dig music! Kanto released 3 LPs, 6 EPs and 5 singles, in one of the most difficult years for the music industry and the world. We are sure that these tracks will guide y’all well, so here is a 10 tracks Kanto compliation album for you “Kanto’s 2020 Survival Guide for Time Travelers.” Save it for rainy days.

released January 15, 2021 Stars Like Dust, Dallaskamping, Valtierra, Axel Go, Alexei Di Juno, Alejandro de la Rosa, Eve Biōn, Netam, Damla Temel, Oceanvs Orientalis, Document1, Heimat, Castello Branco

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