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Moriphase has landed!

Endangered People is the first step of the unique journey of Moriphase - an electronic music project that blends IDM, Techno and Breakbeat genres while deeply thinking about human existence. This track explores the archaic nature of human condition by putting the subjects in a jungle and follows the survival process. Influenced by Ece Tugay’s artwork, Moriphase weaves keys, synthesizers and computers to produce fresh, hypnotic and tribal sounds.

Artist: Moriphase (@moriphase)

Mixing: Tim Pennells (@pennellstim)

Mastering: Cicely Balston (@cicelybalston)

Vocals: Aslı Soyer (asliisoyer)

Single Artwork: Ece Tugay (@eccetu)

Project Artwork: Alp Akyıldız (

Listen now:

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