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Thomas Costantin's "Destination Experience" album quickens the heartbeats

Kanto Records is proud to present electronica’s mysterious, sexy and groundbreaking queer artist Thomas Costantin’s “Destination Experience”. Based in Milan, Thomas is a wholesome artist who thrives in music and fashion soundtracks.

“Destination Experience” is a journey born from the deep spiritual explorations and psychedelic researches of the artist.

The album takes off with dark pop hit Stolen Season that refers to the time the humanity lost during the pandemic. The second single Melted Music stands out with it’s psychedelic sound, hypnotic downtempo rhythm which the artist describes as, “perfect for club at 4 am.” Then comes the third track, a fusion of 80’s musicality and mechanical sounds as a hymn, refering to the course of an artist’s life, a “Big Mess”. The fourth track Waterflow is a bittersweet romantic dance track, leading the way to the fifth track “Space Vertigo”, a poem about the states of consciousness, defining reality as a vertigo that leads to the final destination, “experience”. The sixth track “Hardcore Relax” hosts samples from vintage films and Thierry Mugler shows, melted into a mantra-trip dance banger. Also influenced by 80's alternative-rock sound, the seventh track “Disorder” plays with vintage synths and obsessive vocal lines. We reach our destination experience at “Saturn’s Rings”, the last track of the album, which the artist describes as, “Extraterrestrial track, filtered sounds opening into a dark dance horizon and distant voices that mix with synth’s bubbles.” We’ve enjoyed each step of Thomas Costantin’s journey as Kanto Records and we assure you this is an album that will make an emotional impact despite the fast-paced music production of our era.

“Destination Experience” is co-produced, mixed and mastered by Francesco Frilli at Heavy Soul, a full analogue studio in Florence. The sound stands out with its warmth and dark, vintage attitude. The sensational photos in the artwork of the album are shot by Cuba Tornado and artistically directed by Daniele Cavaldi, edited into cover art by Alptug Cavus.

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