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Nadav Dagon

Tel Aviv / IS

Nadav Dagon, a drumtek musician and producer of electronic music, gives a dynamic LIVE techno set, playing only with his drums and a set of samplers, creating an endless playground filled with deep sounds and a delicious bass.

Nadav grew up in the green township of Kibbutz Beit-Oren, located on the top of the Carmel Mountain, were music was a big part of his daily life. His deeper relationship with music started when he turned 16 years old and he started to play in professional bands in Israel. With a percussionist father and a musical family – music and the instruments were there all the time.
The connection with electronic music became integral and took him into playing with Israeli bands such Madboojah Project, ZO13, Onogana, Reflections and others. His solo-project started 2 years ago (end of 2014).

Nadav Dagon has performed on various festival stages in Israel (Zorba, Sunbeat) and in the larger (underground) clubs of Tel Aviv (Breakfast Club, Kuli Alma and The Block) and is ready to go international! He has been live on stage with his act in cities such as New York, Budapest, Amsterdam, Lisboa and he performed in Panama. And yes he is ready for more and knows exactly what he wants and has to do for it!

Nadav currently wants to produce more of his own music and is in various production projects. His album will be released November 2016 and he is looking to find record labels to work with to release his music, internationally.

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Nadav Dagon

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