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Istanbul / TR

Netam is Utku Temel’s pseudonym that emerged from one of his favorite books, “Har” of Murat Uyurkulak.

Netam does not deal with the definition of “spatial music”, stereotyped styles or industrial concerns during music production. He has a musical understanding that is constantly evolving and nourishing from all aural/audial beings. Therefore, none of his songs is fully finished. They constantly evolve and improve as they evolve.

He starts his musical career at the age of 7 with a melodica. He dreams of playing the piano for 8 years. He makes his first compositions with a toy organ until he reaches his piano when he is 15. The foundation of his music is based on long hours he spent on his piano every day and extreme attempts of production.

He continues experimenting on music in an Anatolian district dominated by eastern instruments until he moves to Istanbul to study architecture. After settling in Istanbul, he tries to reflect the mixed culture and the spirit of the geography where he exists into his music.

Netam continues to produce with this philosophy and a genre-free attitude that cannot fit into any label or classification.

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